Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

King Glove – GP

King Glove – GP is a general-purpose glove used for material handling. Double leather on palm with cotton lining ensures enhanced safety and comfort to the operator.

King Glove – MP

King Glove – MP is a multi-purpose glove with Kevlar Stitching. Ambidextrous Style (one glove can be used on either hand) doubles the life of product.

King Glove – Mig

King Glove – MIG is a MIG Welding Glove with Kevlar Stitching for enhanced welding safety.

King Glove – Tig

King Glove – TIG is a TIG Welding Glove with Kevlar stitching for enhanced welding safety. Nappa grain leather on palm and fingers ensures high dexterity.

King Glove – HR

King Glove – HR is a Heat Resistance Glove with Kevlar stitching which can withstand up to 250°C convective heat. Fully blanket-lined for extra protection

King Apron, Sleeve Guard, Leg Guard

King Apron, Sleeve Guard, Leg Guard are made of high-quality chrome leather and Kevlar stitched through. These leather products ensure high durability and welder comfort.

King Shield-Hand

King Shield- Hand is a lightweight, durable hand-held welding shield.

King Shield-Auto

King Shield-Auto is an Auto Darkening Helmet with Classical design, excellent ergonomic structure, comfortable and convenient to use. Features such as fast switching and auto-delay are also available.